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Image by Nafinia Putra


 Welcome To Fast Track Fashions! My name is Jameelah Pasha. I am the Owner/ CEO of Fast Track Fashions LLC. I reside in East Orange, New Jersey with my husband and four children. I started successfully selling ladies clothing back in the mid 80's. My business came about when I became a stay at home mom and did marketing reps jobs from home. I remember vividly, I was watching the inauguration of President Obama in January 2008. My husband came home from working in New York. He had several big bags of President Obama Memorabilia: Hat's, cap's, clocks, posters, watches, T-shirts, handbags, book bags, jewelry etc.

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I asked, what are you going to do with this stuff ? He replied, SELL IT! I said, let me show you how to sell it. With my marketing skills from my current job at the time, I was more than capable of pitching and bringing the sales in. I started reaching out to local businesses, friends and family marketing my memorabilia of President Obama. We did so well and our client base started to grow. My customers base wanted other products,so we started Fast Track Fashions. A ladies apparel, where "Uniqueness is our trade and fashion in our passion." We Want to thank all of our Customers New and Old for supporting our Business. We appreciate you and hope you enjoy our online store experience.

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